Lux Power LXP 3600 ACS

Lux Power LXP 3600 ACS

This LUX AC unit is a very powerful and flexible battery storage solution. The design is clean and attractive and the display very clear and easy to use. Components required for installation and monitoring connection are provided with each unit as standard.

The installation does not affect any existing solar system and can work with any form of generation such as string inverters, micro-inverters or optimisers. The excellent monitoring platform allows the customer to fully monitor and programme the system. It allows for remote technical support and future manufacturer upgrades to be provided.

Uhome Charge Chart Lux AC

Lux are supported by UK training and UK technical support.


The Lux LXP 3600 ACS is connected to the customer consumer unit. CT clamps are fitted to provide the property power supply and the solar generation data. The system in no way affects the existing solar system. The ACS will work with all types of generation such as string inverters, micro-inverters or optimisers.

The units are G98 and G100 compliant and on the ENA register.

The Luc AC unit will charge or discharge at an impressive maximum rate of 3500w (3.5kw).

The LUX AC units are extremely accurate, they look for a minimum starting load of 100w, although this can be lowered if needed.

The Lux AC units have a large display on each unit which shows all the functions of the system.

Key Features

- The Lux LXP 3600 ACS have an impressive Max charge and discharge rate of 70 Amps DC. (70A x 50v = 3500w). The rate of charge or discharge will be initially determined by how many batteries are being used up until the Max of the Lux unit is achieved.

- Each Lux unit can be connected with 1 – 8 standard 2.4 kWh Lithium batteries

- Each unit has an excellent display on the case for ease of direct monitoring or programming.

- Interactive bi-directional monitoring allows access through wi-fi to a PC, laptop or App based device. Programming of charge periods, daily performance information and remote manufacturer upgrades are all carried out through the monitoring platform.

- Where there is no internet the Local Connect function allows a phone to pair directly to the unit without wi-fi. This is for local monitoring if needed.

- The Lux LXP 3600 ACS have integrated Emergency Power Supply (EPS) connectivity. This means dedicated loads can remain live in the event of a power cut. No external switches are required as the change-over is all integrated.

- The units have a supercharger function inbuilt to allow batteries working with Modbus to be restarted even when they have been allowed to discharge to almost empty.

- The Lux Power units are all provided with a manufacturer 10 year warranty. All claims are dealt with on behalf of the manufacturer by Infinity Innovations Ltd.

- Infinity Innovations Ltd. provide UK based training and daily technical support. Our ability to train and support our installer partners has allowed Lux power to become a leading brand.

- Together with Lux Power we have developed an automatic charging platform to work with Octopus Agile. There are a number of options to allow charging and selling back with the Octopus Agile platform to be automatic.

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