Squirrel Pod

Expandable Battery storage system with or without Solar.

The increase in cheap green off-peak electricity such as the Octopus tariffs or the Economy 7 type platforms means cheap electricity can be available all year round. New Solar PV systems now often use battery storage to make them viable. So why not only use battery storage, and use cheap electricity all year. No need for solar panels, anyone can have this system and if you move house you can take it with you!

The Squirrel Pod opens up the new market of modular battery storage with or without a solar system. Each Squirrel Pod will create 3.5kWh of charge or discharge capacity, so adding a second pod creates max 7kw. Each Pod can have 1-8 batteries attached, in fact using the Uhome you can have a single stack of batteries with two or more controllers.

Infinity Innovations provide full training and technical support.

The Squirrel Pods are installed just as a LUX LXP 3600 ACS, except the PV CT clamp is redundant. The Squirrel Pod is connected to the customer consumer unit. A CT clamp is fitted to the live tail on the existing meter to provide the power usage information.

Auto-charging is available to work with Octopus Agile.

Adding more batteries or another Squirrel pod means the system is modular. Add batteries for more capacity, or an additional Pod controller for faster charge and cover higher loads. This system is futureproofed for future changes.

If adding more than one Squirrel Pod you simply add the second unit as a Sub unit. No requirement for re-installing CT clamps.

Key Features

- Expandable futureproof units. More than one Squirrel Pod unit can be linked together (or added later) to increase storage capacity or increase charge/discharge rates.

- Each Squirrel Pod has an impressive Max charge and discharge rate of 70 Amps DC. (70A x 50v = 3500w). The rate of charge or discharge will be initially determined by how many batteries are being used up until the Max of the Lux unit is achieved.

- Each Squirrel Pod can be connected with 1 – 8 standard 2.4 kWh Lithium batteries

- Each Squirrel Pod unit has an excellent display on the case for ease of direct monitoring or programming.

- Interactive bi-directional monitoring allows access through wi-fi to a PC, laptop or App based device. Programming of charge periods, daily performance information and remote manufacturer upgrades are all carried out through the monitoring platform.

- Where there is no internet the Local Connect function allows a phone to pair directly to the unit without wi-fi. This is for local monitoring if needed.

- The Squirrel Pods have integrated Emergency Power Supply (EPS) connectivity. This means dedicated loads can remain live in the event of a power cut. No external switches are required as the change-over is all integrated.

- The units have a supercharger function inbuilt to allow batteries working with Modbus to be restarted even when they have been allowed to discharge to almost empty.

- The Squirrel Pod units are all provided with a manufacturer 10 year warranty. All claims are dealt with on behalf of the manufacturer by Infinity Innovations Ltd.

- Infinity Innovations Ltd. provide UK based training and daily technical support. Our ability to train and support our installer partners has allowed Lux power to become a leading brand.

- Together with Lux Power we have developed an automatic charging platform to work with Octopus Agile. There are a number of options to allow charging and selling back with the Octopus Agile platform to be automatic.

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