Renewable Hot water and space Heating

Thermopod Hybrid

Thermopod Space Heating

The Thermopod Hybrid system is a concept that takes two of our Thermopod Thermodynamics systems installed alongside a Smart intelligent Tank-In-Tank water cylinder which takes over the heating of your hot water and contributes towards the heating of your home. The Thermopod Hybrid uses a Smart cylinder to allow the Thermopod units to heat both your hot water and your central heating water. Your existing heating system becomes a back-up to the Thermopod, kicking in if the heating demands exceed the Thermopod capacity.

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CO2 Heat Pump

The CO2 heat pump solution is quite different to a generic heat pump.

Their primary function is to create exceptionally hot water while using only very small electrical power. Typically the water coming out of a CO2 heat pump will be at above 80 degrees. Although extremely hot the flow rate is lower meaning they are applied and run differently to standard lower temperature untis.

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Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP’s) absorb heat energy from the outside air. This energy is transferred into your home and used to provide central heating and hot water.

With little maintenance and outstanding thermal efficiencies, these sophisticated, cost-effective and eco friendly heating systems can reduce your heating bills whilst providing and income through the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive that pays the homeowners up to £1,500 per year, for 7 years, for installing these modern renewable technologies.

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