Thermopod Retrofit

Thermopod units can be fitted to existing hot water cylinders. They will then take over the heating of the hot water day and night 365 days of the year. The existing heating system can simply remain in place as a secondary source should you ever need additional generation or any back-up solution.

Retrofitting a Thermopod turns a standard hot water cylinder into part of a renewable hot water system.

The Thermopod system contains two black panels which are mounted externally to harvest the free energy, along with the small controller/heat pump unit which is normally installed somewhere close to the hot water cylinder.

The controls for the system can be installed away from the unit in a wired connection allowing the units to be out of site while easily controlled and monitored.

All parts and components are provided with each system including the pre-insulated refrigeration pipe, all fittings and connectors. The fittings have been engineered to remove onsite work, meaning much faster installations.

Installation requires an Fgas accredited engineer for certification of the refrigerant loop, although the units are provided pre-gassed. Most of the installation of these units is basic plumbing, made particularly simple as the accessories are all provided and fully developed for fast and accurate installation.

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