Off Grid Hybrid

If you are looking to combine a solar inverter with battery storage, then the Lux Hybrid units are a market leading choice.

The Lux Hybrids have a number of leading features which make them unique compared to other manufacturers.

When working with Off Grid it is important to plan for the future. The 3.6kw units can be set up to work as off grid systems along with the ability to run with generator back up. The 3.6kw system cannot be linked (paralleled) to additional units to make larger systems, this is the reason for the 5kw Parallel units.

Both Lux Hybrid 3.6 and 5kw units have leading levels of DC input. The 3.6 Hybrid is 16 amps limited, however can handle up to 7kw of solar PV input. Due to the 16 amp limitation it will export a maximum amount to the load of 3.68kw, however if you do have higher generation than that then the residual power can go to the batteries. The 5kw units can have up to 8kw of solar pv input, again making these units exceptional in the market.

The 5kw Parallel units can be linked together to make larger and larger systems. Each one is capable of exporting around 3.3kw from the batteries. So if you understand the level of load you require from your off grid system you can easily work out how many Lux controllers you need.

As with all Lux units the charge and discharge rates are excellent – 66 Amps DC (equates to around 3.3kw) of charge and discharge capability. This means you can harvest more and charge quicker as well as covering larger loads from your battery system.

The Lux Hybrid 5kw inverters use the Emergency Power Supply (EPS) connections to supply power to the load, meaning the AC connection is unused. The AC connection can be connected to a generator to create back up to the system.

The Lux Hybrid units share the excellent Lux monitoring platform. This is available as an App for phones and tablets, or as a server based platform for you laptop or PC. The monitoring is bi-directional, so as well as seeing all the data, you can use it to programme your system. In addition you can benefit from ongoing remote technical support should you need it, and ongoing system updates as they are released.

As with all products distributed by Infinity Innovations Ltd. you will benefit from out excellent UK based technical support. As the sole distributor of the Lux systems, Infinity Innovations provide the best service possible to support the products, out installation partners and our customers.

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