Octopus Agile Auto Charge

Infinity Innovations and Lux Power have developed a system – Agile Auto Charge (ACC) – which assists with automating using the Octopus Energy Agile tariffs.

This is a Beta system and therefore reacts to data provided by Octopus. Lux Power have no involvement or responsibility for content or timing of the information provided. It is recommended that you read the Octopus Blog regarding all systems approved as compatible with Octopus – https://octopus.energy/blog/works-with-octopus/

Octopus Agile

This platform has prices that are published daily and normally change every day. The prices are in 30-minute blocks and are generally significantly cheaper during off-peak periods compared to the on-peak where they are higher.

The aim of the Agile Auto Charge is to automatically use the cheapest electricity prices.

For excellent independent information on the Octopus Agile current and historical pricing we recommend you look at https://www.energy-stats.uk/ which is an independent website.

Exclusive to Infinity Innovations

Simple to program
Agile Auto Charge will appear on your Lux Power Portal once activated by Infinity Innovations Ltd. Simply select the quantity of 30 mins charge periods you require for Night or Day charging and press save!

Night Charge - from midnight to 6am.
Select how many charge periods you want and your system will automatically be set to charge for that number of periods during only the cheapest prices.

Day Charge - from 12 noon to 4 pm.
This will allow you to ‘top-up’ your batteries ready to get through the more expensive On-Peak periods.

Blocking Discharge
You can also set periods where the batteries can charge but will not discharge. For example block discharging from midnight to 6am and your batteries will charge using only the cheapest rates but will not discharge. So you can set all heavy usage items – washing machines, dish washers, EV charging etc. to also run at night without emptying your batteries. Using this function you can ensure your batteries are 100% charged ready cover your house load at 6.am.

Key Features

Auto Cheap Charge
The Agile prices and times change every day, so the AAC system will track the prices and always use the lowest price periods to charge your batteries according to how many you require. There is then an afternoon charge setting to allow you to refill your batteries to get through the expensive periods. By charging your batteries twice a day, you need less batteries to get through the day.

Blocking discharging
Using the Lux monitoring you can block discharging. For example you block discharging from midnight to 6am, your system will still find the cheapest and auto-charge, but will not discharge until you tell it to. Now you can run heavy usage equipment through the night – EV charging, dishwasher or washing machines etc. – to also take advantage of the cheap night time power. So you have moved you high usage to night time, and taken a large chunk of the day out of needing batteries – so now you don’t need so many batteries to get through the day!

Auto Cheap Charge – Night time (Midnight to 8am)
This programme allows you to simply type in how many night time 30 minute charges you require, and using midnight until 8am the system will find the amount of cheap rates you enter, and set your system to charge during the lowest price periods

Auto Cheap Charge – Day time (12 Noon to 4pm)
You can also select how many afternoon charges you require. This is used to refill or top up batteries to make sure that your batteries are well charged to get through the expensive evening period.

Price based Charging and selling
For those who have solar panels there is the chance that at some times of the year you will not want your batteries to be filled every morning, or you may have lots of available power from your panels. Also if you have the ability to sell your power back to Octopus, you may want an automatic means of doing so.

Fixed Charging price
You can enter a price point – for example 3p per kWh – and if the Agile prices are that or lower then your system will be put in charge. You are basically saying ‘if it this cheap I will have some power’!.

Fixed Sell back price
Similarly you can chose a price – for example 30p per kWh – and you are saying that if ever Octopus will pay you this price then they can take power for that 30 minute slot.

You can use this system to basically fix prices to fill low and sell back high! And allow your solar system to contribute in a normal manner. You can change these prices whenever you want. Prices are reset every evening as the Octopus Agile prices are posted.

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