How It Works

How Solar Power Works

Solar energy is a great alternative for anyone who values independence and efficiency. Start using flexible, lightweight solar now.

Generate More Energy on a Smaller Footprint

Our solar panels blend into your roof with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware. The result is a clean, streamlined look.

Customers About Our Solar Panels

We just have a 12 panel system which we have had for 8 years. We have had a Luxpower battery storage system fitted and now we save all the daytime extra power which keeps us going in the evenings. The install was done by lunchtime, and we have the monitoring to check the system, although the screen on the unit is very clear. We did have questions about the monitoring, and Infinity Innovations put some videos on Youtube which have answered all our questions. At the moment we have enough batteries, we have 4, but I may add more in the summer when we get even more solar generation.

John Dangibau, Colchester

We benefitted from the feed in tariff around 10 years ago and wanted to save all the electricity we were sending back to the grid. A local company installed a Luxpower AC retrofit unit with 9.6kWh of battery storage. It was fitted in the garage and the batteries were wall mounted. The installation was done easily in a day, and the system was put online so that we have full monitoring both on our smartphone or we can check it on the laptop.  

Since the installation we have requested and received the Agile charging package which was uploaded by Infinity Innovations after we switched to Octopus Agile. Charing is now fully automatic and we are only charging using the cheapest rates every day. 

We are delighted with our Luxpower system. We have recommended this system to friends of ours with confidence. We are absolutely confident that we have received an excellent battery storage solution and that it is performing automatically exactly as we hoped it would. 

John Smallwood, Leicester

Our new solar system was installed using a Luxpower inverter and 3 Greenlinx batteries. The installers set it all up in our loft space and the batteries are mounted underneath the Luxpower unit. 

It was really very simple, we were given a password to access the monitoring, and we can see everyday how the power is going into the batteries.  

At the moment we have plenty of extra power in the daytime – we had a 16 panels system installed – and this power is keeping us going every evening. 

Sally Harmison, Cardiff