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Infinity Innovations are an established distributor of renewable technologies. We are highly experienced in working directly with manufacturers to supply and support installation companies throughout the UK and Europe. Infinity Innovations Ltd. Prioritise creating exclusive agreements with manufacturers in order to fully secure the relationship and allow full commitment to technology, investment and brand development.

Infinity Innovations have a long and established knowledge of many renewable technologies including Solar PV systems, battery storage systems, lithium batteries, thermodynamics, and heat pumps. This range of technical knowledge along with exclusive distributor agreements with manufacturers allows a broad understanding of installing renewable solutions as one-off installations or part of larger multi-technology projects and installations. Infinity Innovations work exclusively with Lux Power Tek, Uhome and Aoboet, Harnitek and work directly with Pylontech, Projoy and many more manufacturers.

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Lux power battery storage

Agile auto charge

Lux Power with Infinity Innovations Ltd. have developed an Agile Auto Charge (AAC) to allow automatic off peak charging using the cheapest rates available. This is a Beta system and therefore reacts to data provided by Octopus. Lux Power have no involvement or responsibility for content or timing of the information provided. It is recommended that you read the Octopus Blog regarding all systems approved as compatible with Octopus -


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