Harnitek ThermoAir powerXR

ThermoAir PowerXR – 3 phase Commercial unit, Big savings


ThermoAIR power plus


ThermoAIR power plus is a commercial grade, 3 phase heat pump.


Developed to directly replace fossil fuel heating systems, the ThermoAIR power plus will produce flow temperatures of 60c and work down to -25c air temperature!


With a heat output of 45kW the ThermoAIR power plus is ideal for large domestic and commercial applications. These units can be linked via our smart controls to produce up to 270kW of heat output per set, making this the ideal fossil fuel replacement.


ThermoAIR power plus is currently eligible for 130% super rate relief for eligible businesses, so it pays to replace your inefficient fossil fuel heating system with this green alternative.

ThermoAir PowerXR is a simple but powerful solution, which meets heating, cooling, and stable hot water demand for commercial applications, such as apartments, hotels, and schools, etc.

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