Lux Monitoring

The Lux unit has a free integrated advanced monitoring and maintenance platform. Each Lux unit is provided with a Lux Dongle which is inserted into the Lux unit and used to pair the Lux to the customer router.

The monitoring has multiple levels to allow not only full monitoring for the customer, as well as remote programming, but also technical updates to be delivered to each unit as technology improves.

  • Operational settings
  • Operating parameters
  • Charge settings
  • Discharge settings
  • Full background performance data
  • Performance charts weekly and monthly
  • Generation Data summaries
  • Remote technical support
  • Firmware upgrades

Monitoring is current information which is upgraded ever few minutes to your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. In addition all data is recorded on the platform to allow daily, weekly and monthly data analysis of the performance of your system.

PC monitoring

This system works by connecting to the local router, therefore it should be established that the signal from the router to the point of installation of the Lux unit is sufficient. If the signal is weak it should be boosted.

The Lux App is free to download – look in your App Store for the LUX App.

For information on setting up the Lux Monitoring please refer to the download documents and videos available.

Monitoring Installation support

There are many online videos and user guides to set this monitoring up. Please ensure that this is carried out as an initial part of the installation and not left until the last job. This will give you time to get any information you may need from the customer such as router pass words. The Lux units power from any source – AC, Battery or Solar, so you only need to connect a battery to set up the monitoring.

Monitoring is a very simple way to check your installation. Switch on power in the house and the system should discharge, or just turn off the PV source and the system should discharge. You can then lower the load in the house below the Solar yield and the system should charge. If there is no solar available use the monitoring to simply charge from the grid to prove the system is correctly charging.

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