Harnitek ThermoAir Combi

All In One System:

ThermoAIR Combi:


The ThermoAIR Combi R32, represents the latest in domestic heat pump technology.

Consisting of an internal combination tank, with smart control, and an external fan unit.

The external fan unit is Ultra quiet at just 38dB @ 2.1m!


As with the introduction of the Combi boiler in 1963, this system succeeds in providing a compact heating and hot water solution, which is easy to install and provides 100% of your heating and hot water requirements.


With a heat output of up to 19kW ThermoAIR combi is ideal for most homes.


ThermoAIR combi is a “split AC” system this allows a great deal of flexibility in the location of the out door unit.

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