Thermopod Units

Thermopod is the next generation from the outstanding Bunsen Air units. The Thermopod units have moved thermodynamic systems to a new level.

New technological developments have stepped up the power and efficiency from the already outstanding A rated (ERP) Bunsen Air units.

Now capable of being cascaded (linked together), the Thermopod units are ready to take on larger hot water demands as well as overlapping into space heating solutions.

Exclusively distributed in Europe by Infinity Innovations, the technical support and product knowledge is ready to support all out installer partners.

The Thermopod is the next generation Thermodynamic system following on from the highly successful Bunsen Air. The Thermopod units have benefited from over 12 years of data specific to the research and development of Thermodynamic systems. The Thermopod can be simply retrofit to any existing hot water cylinder, or be installed with a new one, turning the hot water cylinder into a solar system which can generate 100% of a households hot water requirements day and night.

The units can be linked to operate together as a larger system. This is achieved by nominating a Master unit, and creating sub-units which then work together as on larger system.
The Thermopod is a low energy system, using only the required electricity to run a small pump and a compressor, and accordingly is extremely cheap to run, as all the energy from the atmosphere is free! Specifically developed for the U.K. climate this technology is not dependent on direct sunlight, unlike most types of solar hot water heating. Instead energy is transferred from even the coldest weather, and works day and night – the perfect solution for the U.K. climate.

What are the Advantages Thermopod have over other products available on the UK market?
The design and development of the Thermopod solar assisted heat pump has been driven by efficiency.

The superior reheat times of the Thermopod means it actually spends little time running each day, and most of the time in Stand By.

Key features mean the Thermopod generates more power using less electricity. So the unit runs for less time and uses less power when running.

Below are features we feel cannot be disputed:

ERP A Rated:

The Thermopod has been independently tested for noise levels, performance and power, resulting in ERP A rating (Energy Related Product) – currently the highest rating available for these products. The excellent results in efficiency and noise levels give added endorsement to the performance of this renewable hot water system.


The Thermopod units have next-generation rotary compressors to generate fast and efficient heat recovery times. Under testing, the rotary compressors significantly outperformed the standard piston compressors. Although presumed to be a noisier option, the Thermopod units have exceptional noise levels of just 41db as shown as part of the ERP A grade testing.More power means the heat recovery times are quicker, so the system is working less. With low electrical demands of just 444w rated power, the Thermopod is fast, economical and quiet. The rotary compressors deliver more power for less power usage, so they run for less time and cost less while they are running.

Quietly Efficient:

The combination of rotary compressor and highly developed internal components means the Thermopod is an exceptionally quiet and efficient unit. Now ERP A rated, this unit has a noise level below 41db as recorded in official lab testing results, making the Thermopod extremely quietly efficient!

Electronic Valve technology:

The electronic valve will track performance faster and over a greater range giving constantly increased heating efficiency. Standard Thermo-valves cannot do this.

Panel design:

Our flow channels are superior (tested) and our dual exhaust gives increased efficiency which single panels cannot achieve.

Panel numbers:

Our dual panel systems significantly outperform single panels always. The system runs much faster – runs for less time and costs less to heat water.
Controller Economy function:

The Thermopod can set different target temperatures for different times – so the unit simply runs less, More efficient.

Controller time zones:

The Thermopod can isolate when the unit does or does not need to run. Easier to live with if needed.

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