Squirrel Pod

Squirrel Pod – Modular Domestic Battery Storage

The Squirrel Pod systems are the ideal solution to expandable battery storage requirements. These systems are used with or without solar panels.

If you are looking to take advantage of cheap electricity providers then the Squirrel Pod system is a modular system, meaning you can expand the system in the future if you ever need to.

Each Squirrel pod controller has a max charge or discharge of up to 3.5kw (70A dc), so this is the speed that you can charge the batteries, or the amount of power you can supply out of the battery. If you need more power, then by installing a second squirrel pod unit, you can have a max chare and discharge of up to 7 kw (140A dc).

Each Squirrel pod can have up to 8 x 2.4 kWh Lithium Uhome batteries connected. Each individual battery has a max charge/discharge of 30A dc. The maximum capacity for a single controller is 70A, so with 2 batteries (2 x 30A = 60A) you are almost at the maximum and could achieve 60A x 50v = 3000w (3kw). With 3 or more batteries per controller you would be at the Max of the controller, so the charge and discharge rate would be at 70A x 50v = 3.5kw.

By linking a second controller you can double the charge/discharge rate to 7 kw (with 5 or more batteries). It should be noted that you can have a single stack of Uhome batteries with double controllers by using the Uhome combiner box. This means you can double the charge/discharge without doubling the amount of batteries!

Uhome Charge Chart

Is Solar Needed Anymore?
There are Off-Peak energy providers – Octopus Energy in particular at the moment – who are offering extremely low off-peak electricity now.
In general, where new solar PV installations occur on domestic properties a battery storage system is also fitted to make use of the electricity provided by the solar panels as there is no Feed-in Tariff anymore.

Increasingly, due to the ability to simply store cheap electricity, and in particular using the Octopus Agile Auto Charge program, it is possible to start to use renewable electricity and run a house using the very low energy available from off-peak providers. So more and more people are simply investing in battery storage in place of solar panels.

Key Features

• Modular battery storage solution
• Expandable solution with or without solar
• Up to 8 batteries per controller
• 3.5kw charge/discharge max per controller
• Installation anywhere in the property
• Octopus Agile Auto Charge supported
• If you move house take it with you
• Online monitoring, programming, and tech support

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