Battery Storage Packages by Infinity Innovations

In today’s age of renewable energy sources, the demand for efficient and reliable battery storage systems is high.

At Infinity Innovations, we offer cutting-edge solar battery storage systems tailored to meet diverse and modern energy needs that the UK is currently facing. 

Understanding Solar Panel Battery Storage

What is solar panel battery storage? 

Solar panel battery storage, often called solar battery storage systems, are devices that store excess solar energy produced by solar panels for later use. 

This allows homeowners and businesses to utilise solar energy even when the sun isn’t shining, ensuring a constant power supply.

What size solar storage battery do I need?

Choosing the right storage battery size depends on a range of different factors.

This includes:

  1. Daily Energy Consumption: Measure your daily energy use to determine the battery’s required capacity.
  2. Solar Panel Output: If you have solar panels, consider their energy output to gauge how much excess energy you’ll need to store.
  3. Backup Duration: Decide how long you want the battery to last during outages. More extended backup requires a larger battery.
  4. Usable vs. Total Capacity: Focus on the battery’s usable capacity, which is the actual amount you can use, rather than its total capacity.
  5. Future Energy Needs: Anticipate any upcoming increases in your energy consumption, such as new appliances or electric vehicles.
  6. Budget: Larger batteries are more expensive, so balance your energy needs with what you’re willing to spend.

What’s the ‘usable’ capacity?

This refers to the amount of energy a battery can provide. For instance, a battery with a 10kWh capacity might have a usable capacity of 9kWh.

What are ‘cycles’?

A cycle refers to a full charge and discharge of a battery. The more cycles a battery can handle, the longer its lifespan.

What capacity do I need?

This depends on your daily energy consumption. If your solar panels produce 5kWh and you use 10kWh daily, a battery with a usable capacity of at least 5kWh is ideal.

What’s Charge/Discharge power?

This is the speed at which a battery can charge or discharge. A higher rate is beneficial during peak energy usage times.

What’s the price per kWh?

This is the cost of storing energy in the battery. Lower costs per kWh mean better value for money.

What about power cuts?

Good solar battery storage systems can provide backup power during outages, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

What solar battery price can you expect?

The price varies based on capacity, brand, and features. Infinity Innovations offers a range of options to fit different budgets, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

How much will I save with a solar battery?

Savings depend on your energy consumption, local electricity tariffs, and the efficiency of your solar system. On average, homeowners can expect to save significantly on their electricity bills by storing and using solar energy, especially during peak times when electricity rates are higher.

Infinity Innovations Battery Storage Packages Explained

At Infinity Innovations, we supply a wide range of different types of Battery Storage Packages. In this section we will explain the different types of systems, and what their benefits are.

1. AC Retrofit Systems:

Perfect for those with existing solar panels wanting to store excess power.

  • Standard AC Retrofit (ACS 3600):
    • What it does: A smart solar storage battery. It stores excess solar energy or charges up using cheap electricity.
    • How it works: It connects to your home’s main electrical panel. When there’s extra solar energy, it stores it. When your home needs power, it provides it.
    • Special Features: It’s flexible, allowing connection of up to 8 battery cells. It also offers peace of mind with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • LXP3600 (G98) Squirrel Pod:
    • What it does: An expandable battery pack system.
    • How it works: You can connect multiple of these together, either now or later, to increase your storage capacity.
    • Special Features: Each unit can handle up to 8 battery cells.
Lux Power Squirrel Pod

2. Solar Integrated Solutions (Hybrid Inverters):

A 2-in-1 device managing solar energy and battery storage.

  • LXP 3600 Hybrid:
    • What it does: Combines solar inverter and battery storage.
    • How it works: It can handle energy from up to 7kw of solar panels and store extra energy in its battery.
    • Special Features: Straightforward solar battery installation.
  • LXP 5000w & 6000w Parallel Hybrid:
    • What it does: Powerful systems for solar electricity management.
    • How it works: Manages energy from up to 8kw of solar panels and has a faster battery charge/discharge rate.
    • Special Features: Can be linked for more power, ideal for solar owners and apartment owners.
  • LXP-LB-EU 7000w & 12000w Parallel Hybrid:
    • What it does: Powerhouse systems for larger energy needs.
    • Special Features: Can work off-grid, perfect for places with unstable electricity supply.

In Summary

Battery storage packages are essential in our journey towards reducing carbon emissions and achieving a sustainable future. Infinity Innovations, with its range of products and commitment to quality, stands ready to guide us. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business aiming for sustainability, they have a solar battery price and package tailored for you.For more information or to explore their range of products, visit Infinity Innovations Ltd. or contact our customer service team.

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Battery Storage Packages by Infinity Innovations

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