About Infinity Innovations

Infinity Innovations Ltd. is an established green energy supplier, distributing many of the UK’s best solar energy products. We have been involved in a range of technologies including Solar PV, Domestic battery storage, Lithium batteries, Solar Assisted Heat Pumps, Air source heat pumps, and solar hot water for many years.

Infinity Innovations is a very progressive distributor, and we are always researching and developing new products, new technologies, and new manufacturers to provide the newest products for our customers. In addition, we are able to access many brands and products not listed on this website, so please feel confident to contact us to talk about all products and technologies.

Infinity Innovations Ltd Works directly with our manufacturers and are particularly focused on exclusive distribution agreements. Our reputation for excellent product knowledge, training, and technical support comes from working directly with manufacturers and their R & D departments. Infinity Innovations invests fully in learning and understanding all our products. We interpret the necessary information and ensure it is simply and accurately represented for our installer customers through installation manuals, training sessions, and support videos.

Infinity Innovations work constantly with our manufacturer partners R & D departments. As a highly forward focussed distributor, we are always feeding back product development ideas and suggestions to continually improve and adapt to the UK market demands.

Our extensive knowledge and awareness of renewable technologies allow us to support the development of complete packages. Solar systems can link with battery storage systems which can support renewable hot water and heat pump solutions. We aim to work towards complete renewable solutions to support our climate. Whether you are a green energy installer or solar energy supplier, you can buy solar energy systems from us directly.