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Our Latest Videos

Below is a list of our most recent videos relating to our fantastic range of products:

HeatBoost Radiators – Can I have one in my house?

Answering the big question everyones asking – can I have the revolutionary HeatBoost […]

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HeatBoost Radiator – How does it work?

A run through the specifications and benefits that the HeatBoost Radiator provides.

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How To Add New Hanchu 3.2kWh Lithium Batteries to older systems

A walkthrough of how to add new Hanchu 3.2kWh batteries to older ones.

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Lux Hybrid Overview Video

Overview of the Lux Hybrid. The video explores the battery range, charge and […]

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Lux Power – EPS/UPS Explanation

Discusses the functionality within the Lux Power systems.

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ThermoPOD – Overview of new features

An exciting look at the new features of the ThermoPOD.

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Latest Insights

Want to find out more about the renewable energy sector? Read from our archive of insights from experts at Infinity Innovations.

How to Cut Down on Summer Energy Costs in 2024?

Top tips on how to save money and energy during the warmest months of the year.

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How Big Can the Battery Grid Storage Market Get?

As renewable energy in the UK continues to grow and grow, forecasters and industry specialists alike have often pondered just how big can the battery grid storage market get.

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What Should a Good Battery Storage Have?

Read on to find out the six key characteristics of what makes a good energy storage battery.

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Battery Storage Packages by Infinity Innovations

At Infinity Innovations, we offer cutting-edge solar battery storage systems tailored to meet diverse and modern energy needs that the UK is currently facing. 

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UK Heat Pump Grants Increased by 50%

The UK government recently announced a heat pump grant increase by 50%. Read to find out more.

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Government Announces Tax Relief on Battery Storage Systems

In a move that is seen as an important step for energy efficiency, the UK government has announced tax reliefs on battery storage packs. Read to find out more.

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What Would Happen If… The UK Switched to 100% Solar Energy?

What would the environmental benefits be if the UK switched entirely to solar power? What challenges and obstacles prevent more solar panels from being developed? Find this out and much more by reading on.

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Inside Infinity: Battery Storage Packages

At Infinity Innovations, we offer cutting-edge solar battery storage systems tailored to meet diverse energy needs.

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About Greenlinx

Greenlinx batteries are the only UK battery that has a 100% depth of discharge. This article explores more of the benefits.

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