About Greenlinx

Greenlinx batteries are the only UK battery supplied currently that has 100% depth of discharge. This means that you can use the full amount of battery power for load distribution. They are a 3.2Kw battery with a 40Amp charge, and 60Amp discharge rate. Two of these batteries give you the maximum power from our G98 rated units. They are small in size and easy to fit with the single bracket that comes supplied in the box. All batteries are also WiFi enabled through a dongle that comes with each battery, which allows connection to the router. This gives a quicker technical support platform should the customer or your business need it. The batteries have their own application which is Android & IoS compliant, which can be downloaded from the App store or Google Play. This app finds your batteries, links them to the account you setup, and also puts them all online. It’s really that simple. The operational temperature of these batteries are market leaders, as they are tested to withstand temperatures from as low as -10c and up to +40c.

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