LUX Hybrid

LuxPower have launched the new larger 5kw and 6kw Hybrid units which are both Parallel units.

The extremely successful Lux 3.6 unit is the G98 (16A limited) simple plug and play hybrid which allows installation to any domestic property without prior permission to the DNO. These units can send up to 3.7kw of power to the house from either solar or battery or both combined!

The larger 5 and 6kw Hybrid units have an excellent 80A charge/discharge into the batteries meaning they can charge or cover loads of up to 4kw without the sun being present, or can provide up to 5 or 6kw of load to the house from solar or solar and batteries combined. The units are G99, and are listed on the ENA Type Test register. These units can have up to 8kw of solar PV connected to it making it an excellent solution for those with larger PV arrays.

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