Video + Transcript | Lux Power Squirrel Pod Overview

Hi, I’m going to tell you about the Lux Power Squirrel Pods, and hopefully make this very simple for you.

A Lux Squirrel Pod is an upgraded version of a standard AC unit. The only difference is that it’s got additional hardware in it, which means if now, or any time in the future, you want to expand the system and get more charge and discharge, you can simply link a second controller back to the first controller.

So a single controller gives you a charge and discharge rate of three and a half kilowatts which is great.

But if you happen to install a Squirrel Pod at the beginning, you can go back and link a second unit in.

Only the first unit needs the CT clamps because we set it up so that this unit is simply told when to charge and discharge by this unit. So adding it back in is very simple.

So if you have a two-controller installation, you’ve got three and a half kilowatts from either controller, which means you’ve got a combined of seven kilowatts.

So that’s the amount of power that can charge into two systems or the amount you can bring out of the EPS supplies to offer emergency power supply EPS.

So that’s the reason we have the Squirrel Pod. They look the same, they have additional Hardware in it and it just gives your customer that really nice future-proofed option, so if things change in the future, and they want to make the system bigger, they can either bring a new controller in with its own batteries or split the batteries and add a new controller.

Each unit can have anywhere from one to eight batteries attached from start to finish. Hope that’s simple.

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