Video + Transcript | Harnitek HeatBoost Fan Radiator – Office Test

Transcript from the video “Harnitek HeatBoost Fan Radiator – Office Test”

Today we did a non-scientific experiment. So this is to try what happens if you use one of the fan core radiators, just hook it up to a normal combi boiler or something like that, so 65-degree water temperature, see what happens:

So this unit here is a 1400 K2 radiator hooked up to the same boiler. So basically what we did was turn the boiler on and turned the thermostat for the room nice and high, so it kicked in. 

This warmed up, you can feel the heat coming off, just what you’d expect as a normal radiator. Over this side of the room we had the second from smallest fan core unit, also hooked up to 65 degrees.

And the heat that came out of this was absolutely astonishing. It just billows heat out. We tried a bit of paper on the bottom, it just sucks the paper to it. The air turnover is absolutely unbelievable. 

But this is actually the baby unit, this is the second from smallest unit. The heat output from this is actually rated on the data as 2.6. If we’re swapping that for a 1,400 we have two sizes up, so 40 centimetres longer, the heat output for that is 5.4.

It’s just astonishing for a tiny bit of electricity usage the heat that is coming out of these, you have to feel it to believe it, it is unbelievable, so we think we are on to a winner.

Just swap a primary radiator in a house or maybe one on the bottom floor, one on the first floor, the amount of latent heat that will give out from the same energy usage from an existing boiler will simply mean your heating is going to turn off in moments. It’s astonishing.

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