Video + Transcript | Lux Power 3.6kH, 5.0kH, 6.0kW Hybrid Overview

I’m going to tell you about the very very popular Lux Hybrid range.

In this range, we’ve got three units. We’ve got the G98 units, that’s 3.6 limited through to the load. A fantastic unit, it can have up to 7 kilowatts of solar input.

It can charge and discharge at about 3.3/3.4 kilowatts, so that’s 66 amps DC, and obviously, it can send up to 3.6 kilowatts through to the load.

So if you do put a big solar system on it, let’s say you’re generating five kilowatts and the house needed two, you can send two through to the house to supply the load, and all the rest can be going down into the batteries.

So that’s the G98 unit, integrated EPS if you are setting up an emergency house supply. Dual string input, dual MPPT tracking and a rotary DC isolator underneath.

Now in the same chassis, we have two bigger models as well, we have a five-kilowatt and a six-kilowatt.

They are actually parallelable units so if you really want bigger systems you can link more than one of those together.

Those systems, again, you can have up to eight kilowatts of PB input – charge and discharge rate on those is 80 amps, so you’re going to get four kilowatts of charge and discharge.

They can either send five kilowatts or six kilowatts through to the load. So if you were generating seven kilowatts on that particular solar system you can send five or six kilowatts directly through to the load if it’s all needed.

And or you can send up to four kilowatts of power down into the batteries, and at night time when there is no sunshine it can pull up to four kilowatts out of the batteries as long as you’ve got sufficient batteries.

All of them can have one to eight batteries. All of them come with free Wi-Fi and the fantastic Lux power monitoring, and all of our weather compensation features and all that kind of thing, which is free to all the Lux Power customers.

Really simple, really popular units, always in stock.

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