Combi SmartHub 6

The SmartHUB combi, contains an integrated 250 litre thermal store, pump, expansion vessels and back up heaters. The system is pre-wired, to further assist in a consistent and quick installation and no Fgas certification is required. ThemoAIR plus and SmartHUB combi installation can be completed in a

single day. Minimising disruption and cost for the end user.

-250l of thermal store

-Hybrid system ready

-Easily control Multiple heat sources

-Multiple flow temps

-Smart monitoring & remote control

-Weather compensation

-Sensors to monitor, flow return and buffer tank


-9kw back up heater

-Expansion vessel

-PRV and pressure gauge

-Circulation pump

-LCD touch screen controls

-Thermostatic mixing valve

-Diverter valve

-Wiring centre

-Legionella protection

-No F-gas required


-A+++ Rated

-Ultra quiet 38dba

-Lightweight, 2 person lift

-High quality finish

-Flow Temperatures of up to 60c

-SCOP 4.3

-Available in 6kw, 9kw & 12kw heat outputs -Weather compensation

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