Hanchu Ess 9.4kW Lithium battery

Hanchu Ess is an established manufacturer of renewable technologies and battery storage solutions. The domestic and commercial battery solutions are distributed globally with a very strong market share. Hanchu Ess have developed a range of batteries to push the technical boundaries of performance, temperature management, monitoring and technical support. Hanchu Ess are exclusively distributed by Infinity Innovations Ltd. in the UK and Europe. While they are quite recent to the UK market they are by no means new to the battery storage industry. As later arrivals to the domestic battery storage market they have certainly raised the bar in almost all areas of performance and technological development. Specialising in providing individual unit on line connectivity, they bring a new dimension for installers and customers alike. Remote health checks for every battery means simple and immediate onsite support from the other end of a computer.

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Our YouTube channel is full of useful videos regarding all our products including self help videos and Installation videos.

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Hanchu Ess 9.4kW Blade Lithium Battery 

Our YouTube channel is full of useful videos regarding all our products including self help videos and Installation videos.

You can find all our videos by clicking here

Blade Technology

We believe that this is the safest battery ever launched onto the market

The Hanchu 9.4 battery is the first domestic storage battery to use Blade technology. Blade technology is the only technology which passes every global safety standard – most of which have been set by the car industry.

The level of testing for the Hanchu 9.4 units has significantly surpassed the necessary standards. You will see from the penetration Nail test (See video below) that they use a significantly larger nail, giving the same excellent safety results. Further testing includes impact, bending, heat and crush, and all showed this as an extremely safe option.

Lastly each unit has an internal capsule which in the event of  critical heat detection, such as would be caused by a house fire, the capsule would explode and cover the internal cells of the battery in a protective coating which would stop any chemical reaction starting due to the heat, and allow the battery to remain inert during the fire. The battery will still need to be replaced, but no damaging chemical reaction will take place in the fire.

  1. Has an in-built hot aerosol fire extinguisher, for rapid response to extinguish fire when detected.
  2. Has a safety breather pipe should the cells be damaged. This will stop the battery cells from expanding within the battery, and discharge the gasses safely.
  3. An in-built breaker is built in to the unit which adds extra safety and protects the equipment.
  4. Enhanced BMS abilities which has Auto Address Recognition, and requires no dip settings at all. This is as simple as plug and play.
  5. Touch sensitive LCD display to give you visual information and assurances on it’s performance.

Blade Lithium Penetration Nail Test

95% Usable Battery Capacity 95%
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Key Features

Online Monitoring

Each Hanchu Ess 9.4 Blade HPD Lithium battery has an individual modem inbuilt, which means simple connection of each battery to the internet allows specific monitoring, technical support and future upgrades should it be needed

95% DOD

Unlike other battery brands available on the UK market that only allow you to use 90% of the battery’s capacity, the Hanchu Ess 9.4 Blade Lithium battery is 95% DOD (Depth of Discharge)

High Charge & Discharge Rates

The Hanchu Ess 9.4 Blade Lithium battery has an impressive 100A Charge & Discharge rate

12 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Unlike other battery brands available on the UK market, The Hanchu Ess 9.4 from comes with a massive 12 Years warranty as standard making this a more viable and bankable battery product

High & Low Temperature Protection

Unlike most Lithium batteries available on the market our Hanchu Ess 9.4 Blade Lithium battery will remain at full capacity down to zero degrees. All other battery brands are affected by temperature and will drop the charge rate by half when they detect around 8 to 10 degrees.

Hanchu Ess Specification

Hanchu Ess Monitoring

Each individual Hanchu Ess battery can be put online to allow
monitoring by the manufacturers on the Hanchu monitoring platform.

The battery monitoring is in addition to the Lux system
monitoring, and allows individual, or connected batteries to be remotely
analysed and supported by the manufacturers.

Having the ability to put individual batteries online is
literally a ‘game changer’ for battery storage installations. This means that
moving forwards any updates can be remotely carried out, or that if any
individual battery needed to be checked it can be done at the press of a