Super-Slim Fan Coil Unit HFP-150LM-Z1




HeatBoost radiators are the Harnitek fan coil radiators. The stand out feature of these radiators are that they will work with a significantly lower water temperature than a traditional radiator. So in simple terms you can turn down your heat pump, or turn down your boiler. Clearly this will save you money! But there are many more reasons to look at the HeatBoost radiators.

  • Direct swap out for existing units
  • Requires a power supply
  • Small, slimline design
  • Only 1 litre of internal water
  • Copper and plastic internal components – no sludge, no degradation
  • Only 4 units sizes in the range
  • Multiple Auto Fan speed
  • Sleep mode
  • Light weight
  • Only using 25w of power for fan and LCD.
  • Only require 35 degrees water flow temp
  • Work with conventional heating systems
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • No hot external areas, cold to the touch
  • Multi-functional controls
  • A/C functionality