The Lux Power AC with Aoboet Uhome 2400 Lithium Batteries is a home Battery Storage system that has taken a huge step towards energy independence, The Lux Power AC controller along with Aoboet Uhome 2400 Lithium storage Batteries lets you store up power from your Solar PV Panels or cheap energy tariffs from the grid for when you really need it.

The Uhome batteries with their 30A charge & Discharge rates along with built in Wi-fi for future proofing and multiple stacking mounting options make this battery system ideal for plug and play installation anywhere in your home or business.

Battery System

The great thing about our Lux AC & Aoboet Uhome 2400 lithium batteries are they are modular which means you don’t have to jump into buying big! You can simply start off with a two-battery system and increase your battery capacity later by simply adding another. By starting with a two-battery system, you will have reached the maximum charge & discharge the system can provide..

Energy Ready

The Lux AC & Aoboet Uhome battery storage system is fully automatic with Octopus Energy and all there tariffs. With its high charge & discharge rates you can ensure you are always benefiting from the maximum energy you have access too.

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