New Generation Product

This year Luxpower will launch their range of 3 phase Hybrid inverters. Current progress would put the prototype stage at around about June 2023 which will mean production will start soon after that point. The current units will be in the region of 10 – 20kw units. The three phase units will allow full grid balancing to be achieved and will be a simple one stop solution for this currently unfulfilled section of the battery storage industry.

Luxpower have reacted to the new changes in the DNA G99 fast track requirements by releasing the single phase 7kw units. These will allow up to 12kw of PV input, and will have a charge/discharge rate of 7kw. In order to allow this new level of performance to work with the standard Greenlinx batteries we will develop two solutions. Firstly Greenlinx will develop a combiner box to allow dual stacks of batteries creating the full discharge rate of 7kw. Secondly Greenlinx will release a larger 9kwh battery unit.

Greenlinx will this year release a next generation 9kw battery using new blade technology. Extremely light and powerful for the output of the battery this technology will again keep Greenlinx ahead of other available brands.

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