Lux Hybrid inverters are a powerful single unit solution for both solar inverter and battery storage controller combined.

The Lux Hybrid units are available single-phase solutions and are available in three different sizes – 3.6 (16A limited), 5kw and 6kw. Components required for installation and monitoring connection are provided with each unit as standard.

The Hybrid units are extremely powerful. The 3.6 Hybrid can have up to 7kw of PV panels attached although it is 16A limited. It can therefore supply up to 3.68kw of power from the solar to the load, and at the same time charge up to 3.4kw of power into the solar.

The excellent monitoring platform allows the customer to fully monitor and programme the system from smart phone, tablet using the App, or from a laptop or PC using the server. It allows for remote technical support and future manufacturer upgrades to be provided.

Battery System

The great thing about our Lux Hybrid & GreenLinx lithium batteries are they are modular which means you don’t have to jump into buying big! You can simply start off with a two-battery system and increase your battery capacity later by simply adding another. By starting with a two-battery system, you will have reached the maximum charge & discharge the system can provide.

Energy Ready

The Lux power units are ‘Works with Octopus’ products and have specific free Auto charge packages for Octopus Energy Agile, price import or export and the new weather compensation programme for using alongside cheap energy providers.

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