Pylon Tech battery brackets, Wall Mounting sets & Accessories.


Infinity Innovations Ltd offer 2 types of battery brackets; Interlocking stacking brackets and wall mounted brackets. We also offer the Pylon Tech long power cables.

The Pylon Tech US2000B Brackets are supplied in pairs and one pair is required per 2.4kWh battery.

We recommend that the brackets are used to help improve air flow around the batteries and they also give them greater stability when stacking multiple units.

Wall Mounted Brackets:

These brackets come 3 options; 2, 3 or 4 battery option.

Pylon Tech Long Cable Set:

Pylon Tech long DC cables (orange and black) with Pylon connectors on one end and lugs on the other for connecting to our Sofar Solar ME3000SP Controller or Lux Power Hybrid Inverters.

These Cables are included in both our AC Battery Storage systems & Pylon Tech Bundle packages.

Tidy up your installation by selecting wall mounted system. Always check that you are fixing using adequate fixings into a solid surface.

The maximum we would recommend is 4 batteries on a single bracket. Always check that you are fixing using adequate fixings into a solid surface.

Projoy DC Battery Breaker

The Projoy “PEDM160-125”-X(X=2pole,3pole,4pole) series MCB is suitable for low-voltage power distribution systems such as industrial, residential, energy, telecommunication, infrastructure etc .
This is usually used for creating isolation between Lithium batteries and a controller.

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