Greenlinx LFP2400

Greenlinx is an established manufacturer of renewable technologies and battery storage solutions. The domestic and commercial battery solutions are distributed globally with a very strong market share. Greenlinx have developed a range of batteries to push the technical boundaries of performance, temperature management, monitoring and technical support.

Greenlinx are exclusively distributed by Infinity Innovations Ltd. in the UK and Europe. While they are quite recent to the UK market they are by no means new to the battery storage industry.

As later arrivals to the domestic battery storage market they have certainly raised the bar in almost all areas of performance and technological development.

Specialising in providing individual unit on line connectivity, they bring a new dimension for installers and customers alike. Remote health checks for every battery means simple and immediate onsite support from the other end of a computer.

Power, quality, and robust performance compliment the online monitoring to raise the standards in domestic battery storage.

Key Features

- High rates of Charge and Discharge
- Integrated WiFi Modem in each unit
- App based monitoring and tech support
- Low temperature performance protection
- Lithium Iron Phosphate cells with 90% DoD.
- UK Technical Support
- 10 year manufacturer warranty

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