Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP’s) absorb heat energy from the outside air. This energy is transferred into your home and used to provide central heating and hot water. With little maintenance and outstanding thermal efficiencies, these sophisticated, cost-effective and eco friendly heating systems can reduce your heating bills whilst providing and income through the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive that pays the homeowners up to £1,500 per year, for 7 years, for installing these modern renewable technologies.


If you’re looking to heat your home in a cost efficient way that will help save you money on future heating bills, then our air source heat pumps are perfect for you. Featuring advanced heating technology, you can expect reduced energy bills that use renewable technologies and natural energy from the air around, providing sustainable heating and hot water for your home.

Compared to standard heaters our air source heat pumps are four times more efficient than standard boilers. Using 75% of natural energy that’s absorbed from the outside, the remaining 25% comes from electricity. They will also help to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions compared to gas or oil heaters.


One of the great features about our air source heat pumps is that you can control the leaving and entering water temperature, as well as the room temperature. So whether you are dealing with soaring climates in the summer or colder conditions in the winter, our air source heat pumps will give you complete control of how much heat is let into your home, making it a space you can comfortably use throughout the year.

The innovative designs of the air source heat pumps mean you can have complete control of how you heat your home. You can control the air source heat pump by either downloading an app to your smartphone device or using a remote control. Using the devices, you can set the on/off time, the operation mode and the temperature of your air source heat pumps.

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